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…so what is my mission for this blog?

Writing has always been a catharsis for me. From an overly angsty Livejournal to professional articles in newspapers to brief clips on Twitter, putting words to paper has allowed me to think, rethink, and do.

In no ways is it meant meant to change the way YOU think or the way you act. This blog is more a personal, reflective medium for myself and those that choose to interact with it. Apologies in advance if this space is too stream of conscious-y.

The biggest task on my to do list my second year as an #SAGrad is writing my learning narrative. For now, I am using this blog as a trial run for reflective pieces to use in my learning narrative. I have some (I think) interesting I want to write about.

So, enjoy the periodic updates. Comment on what you like, what you disagree on, anything that provokes you. Your feedback will only help me on my learning narrative and my journey to become a student affairs professional.



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